What I Have Been Up To

It all happens to us, we get caught up in the world around us and forget things along the way. I can’t say I have entirely forgotten about writing and updating you guys since it did constantly get written in my planner.

I wouldn’t technically call it writer’s block that I haven’t updated the blog because I do have a ton of social postings ideas and themes that I am so excited to share with you soon!

So here’s what I have been up to;


Clement and I, my french boyfriend, got PACs. Which basically means in short, to the French government I am no longer single. We have been preparing all the documents for before the holidays back in November. This is the step before the big step of getting married but still, allows me to start the process of changing my visa.

Which brings me to my next topic, changing my visa status from student to vie privée et familiale. In short, this will allow me to work and stay in France without any restrictions. This has been the long process but hoping next month it gets all worked out!

After the two of us PACs we took a two-day trip that is about four hours away from Paris to Marais Poitevin. I wouldn’t consider myself a person who likes to hold big celebrations or traditional ceremonies but this vacation was all the reason to enjoy ourselves. Clements parents also took us out for a lovely dinner in Fontainebleau at a restaurant called L’air du Temps and it was quite expensive but the food was delicious. Nothing you could recreate at your house with all fresh local ingredients.

More recently, my mom came to visit me a week and a half during my vacation off from school. It was really amazing to be able to share with my mom, my new life in Paris and our tiny first apartment on the top floor with no elevator. Her favorite sites had to be the Eiffel Tower and seeing old churches that are in every town in France.


With only a few weeks remaining, my final semester at University will be coming to a close. When I receive my diploma in French level B1 I will be jumping for joy and proud of myself that I have made it through the school year. I have progressed so much in speaking french and am impatient to start using my skills in the french marketplace. Needless to say, I will have to continue learning french until I am as close to being native as possible until then, practicing daily and developing my grammar and vocabulary will be a top priority.

Looking forward to the next journey living in Paris and sharing it will you along the way.