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An Editorial

If you follow my Instagram @kristinawilde, you would notice I have been posting a lot more often and that is because I have been so inspired as of lately! It could be due to the fact that last week I saw La La Land and have been playing the soundtrack on repeat since. Or it could simply be the fact I have been hanging around this cool chick @anaiseleni for the past few weeks and she is incredibly inspiring. I jokingly call her my new creative director because she is so effortless and just gets it.


I’ve really been challenging myself to try and be a little bit more planned. You see normally I just put on an outfit roam outside for a bit and snap. However reading Aimee Songs Capture Your Style has really got me thinking about location, wardrobe, color scheme’s, it’s a definite buy for anyone looking to step-up their Instagram game.


So here it is, an editorial featuring my love. The person I am lucky to call mine, who I get to live with each and every day in the city of my dreams, Paris.

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