My Tiny Parisian Apartment

My Tiny Parisian apartment, one I will always remember that are filled with many first. I will always remember my first apartment on the 6th floor, no elevator, charming with two tiny balconies that are oh so Parisian.

Watch here my Unofficial Apartment Tour

Always knowing I loved decoration but never had a chance to make a space my own outside of my very own Pinterest board. Luckily for me, my boyfriend has similar taste to me and doesn’t mind.. all the pink touches throughout. We managed to buy some amazing pieces for very little euros, which is the top priority considering we are both students and still would like to travel a bit. Some of these amazing items? A 200-year-old mirror for starters. It has charm and character that can’t be bought looking old, it’s something only you can find vintage. Oh did I mention we have two chandeliers, both totaling less than 80 euros!

Oh, my love of decoration as only just touched the surface but can’t wait until My Parisian Dream Space Pinterest board is made a reality, which you can follow here.


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