Lush Skincare Favorites

A while back, I had posted a video on my YouTube channel, talking about my Lush skincare favorites. A couple hundred thousand views later, I realized people loved Lush just as much as I did! Not to mention, it’s my most popular video on my channel which you can watch it here. Today I am sharing with you, my new lush skincare favorites that I have been using on a daily basis.

Holy Grail Moisturizer – Vanishing Cream

Having extremely dry sensitive acne prone skin, I was definitely hesitant in picking up this moisturizer from Lush. However, within the first week of using the product, I had completely forgotten about the $45 price tag. My first thoughts were, eek $45 dollar moisturizer for only 1.5oz, well I was much surprised to see, how a little goes a long way with this product. If you have very dry skin, this will be your new holy grail moisturizer and quickly turn into one of your lush skincare favorites as well!

Important Tip! Use a cotton swab to scoop out some of the product. This way you can ensure no bacteria will spread on the product! Take it from a girl who has extremely sensitive acne prone skin!

Kills Bacteria Fast – Tea Tree Water Toner

Before picking this one up, I was using the Breathe Of Fresh Air Toner, although I did love it, I was ready to give something new a try to add to my new lush skincare favorites. As I mentioned earlier, my Lush video had gotten thousands of views and those people definitely let me know about their favorite toner, the Tea Tree Water. Since purchasing this toner I have to say that I am hooked and understand what everyone was raving about! It hydrates the skin as well as the tea tree fights bacteria to help shrink the sizes of the spots – oh and did I mention I even use it to set my makeup. hehe 

Important Tip! If you suffer from acne, try spraying this on your pillow every night before bed. This way you can ensure no bacteria will spread and cause the breakouts to worsen as you get your beauty sleep!


For All Skin Tips – Angels On Bare Skin Face Wash

This is a new product in my lush skincare favorites, however, I’m not surprised I love it. Before using Angels On Bare Skin, I was using Herbalism, but as I mentioned earlier I had been wanting to switch things up this time around. The salesclerk in Lush actually had told me this was meant for oily skin types and well having the complete opposite, I love how it leaves my skin. I actually can mistake my skin being somewhat “normal” since using this face wash.

Important Tip! Collect 5 of the pots, wash them, bring them into Lush and receive a free Fresh Face Mask! I mean ahhmazing!

Dry Winter Skin #girlbye – Dream Cream

This being my actual first winter, my already dry skin hasn’t known what to do with itself. At first, I was kinda bummed it didn’t come in a pump form, but then my boyfriend reminded me how no product would be wasted in the pot form. Leave it to my boyfriend to remind me of why Lush is so amazing. hehe The name says it all for this body lotion, it truly is a dream cream!

Important Tip! I usually exfoliate my body 1-2 times a week after applying the Dream Cream. Especially in these harsh winter months, you have to take care of your skin!

Brightening & Pimple Zapper – Ocean Salt

This is a face and body exfoliate that I swear and live by! This scrub contains avocado butter, sea salt, and fresh organic lime extract. All of these ingredients combined brighten my face, smooth out the rough patches, all while leaving the texture smooth baby soft. I find that when I use this scrub while dealing with a breakout it really helps fight the spot and the next day or two, the pimple is gone! They say to stay away from this product if you have sensitive skin, however, it works beautifully with my skin! Give it a try!

Important Tip! There are two versions of this product, the original which I love and a newer version which has more oils inside for hydrating.


Delicate Under Eyes – Enchanted Eye Cream

Now I know I had already raved about Vanishing Cream which had made its way into my Lush skincare favorites overnight, however, every beauty guru knows you need a separate eye cream for those delicate under eyes! This is a newer product purchase and even though I would like it to have some anti-aging properties, it’s definitely a new Lush skincare favorites!

Important Tip! Gently apply the lotion under your eyes in an upwards motion. Lightly pressing into the skin to absorb the eye cream.

No One Likes Pimples – Grease Lighting

Being that I have acne prone sensitive skin, pimples isn’t something new to me. I have tried out a ton of different acne spot treatments and this one has to be my favorite by far! I have never experienced any over-drying with using this product and within a few days, the spot seems to disappear! This product has been in my Lush skincare favorites since the beginning and I haven’t found another product that beats it!

Important Tip! Apply a thin layer of product to the areas in which you get frequent breakouts. I apply Grease Lighting every night it along my chin and around my mouth, because that is where I tend to get my most frequent breakouts.


A round-up of all my Lush skincare favorites! Trust me when I say Lush was a game change for me and my skin! I just keep going back to it and there is a reason, it works! I posted a video on my YouTube channel that you can watch here.



Have you tried Lush before? What are your thoughts on using their products? Would love to know what are your Lush skincare favorites! xo

  • Jasmin N

    Dream Cream is so good! I also love the Skindrink, it has saved my face from Winter haha.

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    • Ohhh never tried Skin Drink before! Vanishing Cream was just a match made in a heaven. Maybe I will give it a shot! Thanks! <3

  • Ivana Vukovic

    Hi, I just want to say that I really like your blog, I just keep coming back and then realizing that I’m on your blog again haha
    Your pictures are amazing.
    Happy New Year xx