Some people might think being a Fashion Blogger is the ultimate girls dream, but very few actually know how unglamourous the life of a blogger is. The responsibilities of a Fashion Blogger might seem easy, put on an outfit, snap a few photos, blog a little, but I have to admit it’s way more than meets the eye. My weekends usually consist of running around making sure to do all my errands that I couldn’t get done during the week because I was too tired and cranky from a long 13 hour work day. On top of the “normal” errands I have to  make…


I find myself coming to Downtown more frequently, probably because I now work down there but also because the energy it has is so different from what I am used to.  I live in the valley, which is about 45 minutes away, without traffic that is. Wanted to head down to the Arts District because I was feeling a little bit of a trendy hipster who owns a cool loft that has a exposed brick wall. I know, I am not nearly that cool but sometimes I like to pretend.


Fashion week is a time for lack of sleep and bringing out those designer pieces to be seen wearing outside of the shows. LFW is definitely no different and Tommy Ton is brought a name for himself in the fashion world. The images all seem to have a pattern, yet all different in it’s originality. Fur and oversized coats is a must for this snowy below freezings temps. Oh New York, you haven’t seen anything! Just a few short 6 months until I am there taking it all in? Snow, rain, and freezing cold temps with wind in my face?…


Lincoln Center is the hub for all things fashion during New York Fashion Week. Barring the freezing cold temps to get their photos snapped outside Lincoln Center. Who doesn’t want to get spotted wearing their favorites designers and published in countless blogs and online magazines? It’s such a girls dream! Staying on top of the trends is almost as important being seen at the shows. One might think, how does one keep up with the style trends and jet set across the country or world when you’re not one of the world’s top fashion blogger? Easy, ladies it’s called…


Something attracts me to the white and black minimalistic outfits. They’re clean and simple, pretty straight forward, yet they have a certain je ne sais quoi. Oh tu parle francias? Un peu. Oh back to English I go. If you didn’t know I am absolutely head over heels with France and French culture. The wine, the fashion, the architecture, and the love. That city stole my heart the moment I saw the Tour Eiffel,  the language is so beautiful, a man can whisper sweet nothings in my ear and I would have not a clue on what he was saying, but I am…

Music, yeah it’s what keeps me inspired. Music it keeps me motivated when I’m running around 6 miles at a time. This weeks music spotlight discovery is Imagine Dragons album titled Smoke and Mirrors. Oddly enough, I actually created a inspiration board on Pinterest months back that inspired a shoot I had done. It’s funny how some things come full circle like that right? Listen up and enjoy! xx


Happy Monday everyone! Yeah normally Monday’s would be a drag expect today I am doing a giveaway! Super excited to share with you all!! I’ve team up with Jaleh Clothing to show you how I styled their Romy Back Flounce Top. It’s a flirty yet fun top which I decided to pair with some flair denim from Forever 21. I don’t know about you, but I think the 70s is for sure coming back. I have been peaking at Fall collections and the colors, prints and styles say so! Find out how to win! 

Kristina Wilde stylebywilde

As exciting as the holidays are, Valentines day always has mixed feelings. Personally I myself can relate on these feelings too. The feeling, should I buy myself flowers and pretended they were for me? The, “Will he ask me to be his Valentine” question. However the current trend I am seeing across social media or even hugely enough YouTube is friends dressing up and going out together. Even hosting a party in and creating fun little #selfie stations themed valentines day. Because whether you’re single or not, no one wants to be alone on Valentines day. Heres a classic flirty…

Kristina Wilde stylebywilde

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we all want to feel and look are best. Isn’t that right?! Well fortunately for you, I’ve teamed up with Poshsquare to style four looks for the emphasis lovers day! Single? Girl, don’t fuss. It’s totally the new thing to do dressing up and having a girls night. Here is look one of four.

Being the New Year for just over a month now, something inside of me really wanted to give this “blogging” thing again a try. I have always had a spot in my heart for blogging, ever since I was on LiveJournal.. oh boy talk about #tbt. However I did loose myself in the blog last year. My priorities were different and I didn’t have a clear vision as I do today for the blog I see myself having. I can’t make any promises, but all I do know is that the year 2015 is mine for the taking! Cheers!