LA is literally the holy grail for bloggers. It’s like a mega spot for babes alike to walk down Melrose and take outfit of the day photos and finish it off with froyo (yes, frozen yogurt). I mean, how bad does a day like that sound? Well that was my day a few weekends ago with my new fashion babes. We had met each other last month at LA Fashion Week and instantly clicked when we both went into the same room for the chance for a photo opt. I mean, if you don’t take a #selfie in it or…


It’s all about those 70s vibes. I don’t normally wear color or watch sitcoms (hence the title post) however, this was a special occasion. I spotted this skirt almost immediately when walking into H&M and knew it was a match made in heaven. I have been stuck on the monochromatic trend and it has been hard to stray far from it, however kinda makes it easy when this 70s button up skirt is thrown into the mix. Can’t wait for more trends for the upcoming seasons. 


Days are getting seeming more and more hot in sunny LA. A good trick I have picked up, that mostly the rest of SoCal is to roll your jeans at the bottom. Rolling your denim that perfectly imperfect fold creates an unfinished look and more laid back style to wear denim. Not only that but automatically makes wearing denim in Spring or what more feels in Summer in LA wearable. I absolutely love the sun and the what feels like 365 days of perfect weather in LA, a girl can’t live without her denim! 


I find myself day dreaming more often now-a-days. Day dreaming of my next destination while I am constantly practicing my french on the daily hoping to up and reroute at a drop of a hat. LOL told you I was day dreaming. Well, when I saw this top from Forever 21, I just had to have it. Even though Paris is far from the typical ocean front travel destination I do relate this crop top to paradise and to me, thats Paris. Everyone has a place they might dream of living, in fact I know a numerous of Europeans who…


I have to be honest.. I have been a horrible fashionista and have completely missed London shows + Paris! However I did manage to check out some street style shots from the iconic Tommy Ton. It all goes back to the theory of a documentary I watched a year or so ago called “Take My Picture”. Tim Banks spoke about the blogging world and how people get dressed up for the shows only to be seen outside of them. I find it so interesting how the dynamic has changed for the shows from only being about buyers and press to…


Every girl has their staple attire. There are those days where trying to be cute all the time while doing a million and one things in a day is almost impossible. Days like that, I go straight to a white tee and some black denim. Not to mention my latest obsession, wearing a hat with every single outfit. It’s kind of  a problem, but whose judging anyway! This denim I bought from Forever 21 for just about $8 and ripped them myself. I am absolutely obsessed with them because they are so easy and comfortable yet the price, who could…


Caption: Not wanting to leave, but knowing tomorrow is another day, another chance, another moment that will pass. Day dreaming of the simple days. This week I found myself dreaming of traveling and pondering what life wants for me might be different what my heart wants with me. It’s really a toss up on the two at the moment. I find myself meeting new people in LA and with my career finally where I want it to start to be, it’s having me wonder if I leave it all now? 


The months are soaring past me! Does anyone else feel like it was just the New Year? Which reminds me, I haven’t been the best at keep mine, but that’s another blog post and possibly a video. The first week of March was definitely a good one filled with many up and a few minor speed bumps. 


Some people might think being a Fashion Blogger is the ultimate girls dream, but very few actually know how unglamourous the life of a blogger is. The responsibilities of a Fashion Blogger might seem easy, put on an outfit, snap a few photos, blog a little, but I have to admit it’s way more than meets the eye. My weekends usually consist of running around making sure to do all my errands that I couldn’t get done during the week because I was too tired and cranky from a long 13 hour work day. On top of the “normal” errands I have to  make…